Your Climate Change

The innovative Thermic Bracelet that regulates the temperature of your body has arrived!

Cool and Heat when you need it most

By wearing TermoTag, through a simple contact with the skin, you will have the feeling of well-being and improvement of thermic comfort on the whole body in just 5 minutes!

Studied and tested in the laboratory

Patent released in December 2018.

The functioning was documented through infrared cameras with very high sensitivity.

The lower part of the device consists of an aluminum plate and a "peltier" cell. This last component, put in contact with the skin, is able to spread on the body the heat or cold of your choice.

After 5 min

After 19 min

Simple to wear

It fastens on the wrist like a bracelet.

Bluetooth connection

Possibility of connection via bluetooth to other devices.

Rechargeable battery with high autonomy

Lithium polymer battery lasting 3 days.

Color touch display

Performance display with bright colors.

Available in multiple colors

Available in two sizes

Small 30x50 (height x width)

Large 45x65 (height x width)

Available Soon!

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You can charge it with a cable equipped with a micro USB connector connecting it to its port in a PC or connecting it to the same smartphone’s charger.
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